Helping Seniors Through Naturalistic Healing

Seniors regularly deal with various health issues. And with that, they often have to go through different medical procedures. That is not a fun experience, which can make the recovery process slower for them. 

Luckily, nature itself provides the answer to this situation. Home health care provider Amavi guides you on how to tap into this healing power and get back into shape fast. 

Home Health Care in California Managing Cognitive Decline

Understanding The Healing Power Of Nature

The whole idea of nature having strong healing properties has long been a central aspect of many cultures’ philosophy and belief systems. However, with the advancement of science, we are starting to understand how such healing works. Here, scientists discovered several fascinating benefits. 

It Boosts Your Immune System

Living in the city exposes you to all manner of pollutants. And seniors can be especially vulnerable to these, which triggers their various health issues in the first place. Hence, a trip to nature is a great way to get away from these pollutants. 

And it goes beyond that, as you also expose yourself to beneficial elements. According to a Japanese study, a six-hour trip in the woods for two days can increase white blood cell count. These cells are vital for fighting off viral and bacterial infections. 

It Boosts Your Physical Health

Another great benefit of nature exploration is that it builds up your physical health. Sure, you can also do the same by exercising in the gym. But being able to explore nature offers a different challenge for older people. Here, they get to navigate varying terrain, which improves balance. 

Additionally, these nature trips are a great way to get your dose of sunlight. As we all know, exposure to it helps your body produce ample amounts of vitamin D. This nutrient is known to help fight off diseases like cancer, osteoporosis, and even heart attacks. 

Improving Your Mental Health

Nature healing also helps you improve your mental health. For starters, it is a great stress reliever. The sounds of birds chirping and flowing streams have a calming effect that helps relieve your stress. You also get to clear your mind and refocus it on something more positive. 

The exercise also helps you improve your cognition and memory. For instance, nature work can boost your memory by up to 20%. Additionally, you get to do things that would require you to concentrate more. All these are vital for fighting up conditions like Alzheimer\s or memory loss. 

Lastly, being able to connect with nature can help you overcome depression. That is a fairly common concern for older people, as they might sometimes feel isolated. Getting out to nature is like a breath of fresh air for them and helps them be happier. That is more so if they can use it to socialize with others. 


Home Health in California Managing Alzheimers Disease

Helping Seniors Explore Nature’s Healing Power

With all these benefits, you would want to let your older loved one experience nature’s healing power more. But you might wonder how to do that exactly. After all, not everyone has access to large nature parks. However, there are some nifty things you can do to help them. 

Bringing Nature To The Home

One of the easiest ways to introduce natural healing to your elderly loved one is to bring it home. Here, gardening is arguably the most straightforward way to do it. And you have several options for it. 

For a more laid-back kind, you can go with flower gardening. On the other hand, you can also do home farming if you want something more practical. In both options, your older loved one can be just an observer or an active participant. 

With the former, they get to admire these blooms from the comforts of their chair or bed, making it a lovely sight for ailing seniors. Meanwhile, being an active gardener lets them exercise more while enjoying the first of their labor. 

Another great way to bring nature closer to your home is through engaging with animals. Note that this is not just about having pets around. You would also want your elderly loved ones to appreciate other animals. Birdwatching, for instance, is a very calming activity. They can also get down to see the different insects lurking around the yard. 

Getting Out Of The House

Of course, to experience the healing power of nature, then you and an older loved one should go outside and explore. As mentioned earlier, even a short walk in the woods can do a lot of wonders. 

Here, doctors recommend you get at least a 20-minute walk every day. That lets you get as much sunshine as possible. For best results, you would want to head to the greenest area in town. 

However, not all seniors might be comfortable with walking such distances. Here, sitting would be fine too. For this, a 15-minute sit outdoors can provide similar benefits to walking for 15 minutes. As is with that, it would be best to choose the greenest place you can find. 

Exploring Other Nature Activities

Beyond walking outdoors, you and your elderly loved one can do other things to get the best out of nature. That adds variety to their routine, making them more invested. With that, they get to enjoy the benefits of nature more.


This combines the above two activities. Even a single day of camping out in the woods can help your elderly loved one be more attuned to nature. Here, it would be a good idea to go to a camping site near a body of water. Such places have a soothing effect, which will be to the linking of your older loved one. 

Camping is also a good way for your loved one to reminisce about their past experiences. That is a great activity to strengthen their memory, Additionally, them sharing stories with you is a great opportunity to bond. 

Nature Tours

Alternatively, you can also go on guided tours in various nature reserves. That is a good way for your older loved ones to learn new things, or even share the facts they know, both of which can encourage them to socialize with other participants. 


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Getting The Best Home Health Care Provider To Help You

During these communes with nature, your loved one might need some assistance. Home health care provider Amavi is ready to provide them with that. Our caregivers are trained to accompany and assist older patients as they explore the world. Contact us today and let us help them be one with nature. 


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