Seniors And Video Games: Do They Click?

Having a pastime is always a great idea for older people. However, if your loved one is not into the more traditional “senior” hobbies, you might want to look at novel ones instead. One of these is video games. But will they click with your loved one? Home health care provider Amavi joins you as we explore the answer. 

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Are Video Games Really Suitable For Seniors?

Most of us already played video games in our younger days. And that likely includes your older loved ones as well. However, we tend to ditch it as we get older, often due to thinking that it is more of a childish pastime. So, you might really wonder whether coming back to it is a good idea for seniors to come back to it after all those years. 

But as it turns out, playing these games can actually be good. And not only for the younger ones. Here are some great benefits that older people can also enjoy. 

Better Emotional Health

Seniors often go through a lot emotionally. Be it due to the stresses of daily living, significant life changes, or health issues, they can feel a lot of pressure. And this emotional stress can significantly affect their overall well-being. 

Playing video games, just like any hobby, is a good way for them to relieve all those emotions. It lets them get their minds off problems. Furthermore, a study shows that regular and casual gamers are less likely to fall into depression than non-gamers.

Better Cognitive Functions

Playing video games is also helpful for improving your older loved one’s cognitive abilities. The attention required for such games helps your loved ones maintain their concentration. Meanwhile, games with puzzles and problem-solving helps them engage their critical thinking more.

This benefit goes further. A study by University Of California San Francisco scientists showed that playing 3D games can help slow down mental aging. That is essential for fighting cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia

Improving Balance

This might come off as odd, but playing video games can help your older loved ones improve their balance. Of course, these are games that require some form of physical engagement. This is often in the form of physically move controllers around to simulate sports or virtual reality games. They are great options for people who want some quick exercise. 

Opportunity For Socialization

As we all know, connecting with their family is essential for an older person’s overall well-being. However, it can sometimes be hard to do so because of the generational gap. Through video games, they can find some common ground with their younger children and grandchildren. That lets them reach out and have fun together. 

Home Health Care in California Seniors And Video Games

The Best Types Of Video Games For Seniors

With all of the above, your older loved ones are now likely raring to get their hands on that game controller and play. But you might be wondering as to what games they should be playing. While your loved one is free to play whichever game they can get their hands on, here are the best types to add to their library. 

Puzzle games

It would be a good idea to start your loved ones’ gaming hobby with something they already have an affinity for. Puzzle games are a popular option since they can readily get into it with minimal effort. Here, they can play video game versions of familiar games like crossword and sudoku.

Alternatively, your loved one can explore newer puzzle-based video games. These offer novel mechanics that will test their problem-solving and thinking skills. Candy Crush is one such game that has become a hit with this set of gamers. They are also very accessible through mobile devices. 

Strategy Games

This type is a step up from typical puzzle games since your loved one will now focus on a more advanced strategy. Chess and similar board games are the quintessential ones your loved one might be interested in. What’s great is that novel versions of such games, like 3D and 4D chess, are now possible thanks to video games. 

If your loved one prefers something more involved, they can opt for more advanced games. Real-time strategy games are still a popular genre that they can get into. These are like a more advanced version of chess, where they play many different modes. 

Simulation games are another interesting subset of the strategy video game genre. Here, they instead get to focus on world-building activities, such as creating their own virtual companies. Such games are typically more laid back but are nevertheless very engaging.

Role Playing Games

If your loved one is looking for something really immersive, then RPGs are a good option for them. That is a rather massive genre with a lot of variety. Single-player ones are for those who want to enjoy their games at their own leisure. However, many seniors are also fond of massively multiplayer online RPGs like World Of Warcraft because it lets them interact with other players. 

Another thing your loved one will like about this type of game is the variety of content. There are more story-based ones where your loved one can immerse in the lore. Your loved one can also opt for simpler storylines or even just people simulation games. 

Physical Games

For seniors who want more exercise, this type of game is worth trying. Basically, players use physical motions with the provided controllers to direct their on-screen movement. The Nintendo Wii console is arguably the most popular one here and offers different titles ranging from sports to adventure games.

Online Games

While playing with family can be fun. Seniors can also use video games to meet and connect with new friends. Online games come in a plethora of genres, giving your loved one plenty of options. These games also have built-in chat functions for communication. They can also participate in online events for more fun. 

Some Final Tips For Senior Gamers

Just like their younger peers, senior gamers should still be aware of the ill effects of too many video games. In particular, eye strain is a common issue for those playing for several hours. As such, they should have frequent breaks during gaming sessions. Ask your loved one to stand up and stretch a bit before resuming their games. 

It is also essential to monitor their habits during their gaming sessions. Ensure they are still eating healthy by providing them with the right snacks. Meanwhile, guide them in talking with other players online to avoid confrontations. 

Home Health in California Seniors And Video Games

Getting Some Help From The Best Home Health Care Provider

However, there are times when you might not be able to join your loved ones during these gaming sessions. Here, Amavi can provide some companion services for them. Our caregivers will be here to monitor their health and ensure that they have a fun time during their gaming sessions. Contact us today and let’s get your older loved ones gaming to their heart’s content. 


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