We give value to Integrity, Leadership, Discipline, Empowerment, Respect for the individual and continuous drive to seek knowledge for Innovation.
    To be always in the art of becoming the best end of life care provider in the community.
    To maintain and enhance the individual’s dignity and quality end of life through the provision of outmost compassionate care as evidenced by excellent symptom management and comfort care with psychosocial and spiritual support to the individual, his family and caregiver during the last phase of life.

AMAVI Home Health and Hospice Care Services, Inc.

Serves individuals with genuine diseases. Our hospice consideration and palliative administrations give solace to patients and protect respect even with terminal sickness

What is Hospice?

A philosophy of care considered to be the model for quality, compassionate care for people facing a life – limiting illness or injury involving a team oriented approach to expert medical care, pain management, emotional and spiritual support designed unique to the individual and his family’s needs.

Who are Hospice Patients?

Individuals for whom no curative treatment exists; treatment options have been exhausted; or, the negative effects of treatment outweigh the medical benefit. They may or may not be bed-confined; May have a very high quality of life; May or may not have cancer; May or may not have pain; May or may not have a 24 hour caregiver; May or may not have an advance directive.
Hospice services will be provided an interdisciplinary group of professionals and volunteers that develop a plan of care based on the individual and his family’s needs in his place of residence, which would be in the individual’s own private residence or skilled nursing facility, long term care facility, or other living arrangement.