Healthy Gift Ideas For Your Elderly Loved Ones

The holidays are all about gift-giving. And even your older loved ones are excited to find out what presents they receive from you. But if you are scratching your head about what to give, providers of home health care offer some great suggestions. Let’s look at some of the healthy gift ideas you can get. 

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Gift Ideas To Promote Healthy Eating

They say that the right diet is the foundation for good health. As such, our list of presents begins with food-related items. These gifts not only help your older loved ones better get into healthy eating. They will also help them maintain that diet. 

A Healthy Cookbook

If your older loved ones love to cook their own food, you can give them a recipe book. Make it better by getting one that provides healthy recipes. Match it to your loved one’s particular needs. 

For instance, if they have diabetes, you should get a recipe book that caters specifically to them. But that is not the only thing that you should consider. Look into how easily your loved ones can make these recipes. That will encourage them to try these recipes more. 

Kitchen Utensils 

Coupled with the above cookbook, you would want to throw in some kitchen and dining utensils. Of course, outside of the regular ones such as pots and pans. You should also look for items that match the health conditions of your loved ones. 

For instance, if they have arthritis, an automatic jar opener is a great item to have. These have a section that twists off the jar cap without your loved ones having to hold it. That will save them a lot of energy and avoid potential injuries from forcefully opening the bottle. 

Another nifty utensil to give is a cup holder for those in wheelchairs. These simple items clip over the wheelchair arm and make it easy for your older loved ones to carry their drinks. There are even versions that work with walkers. 

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A Healthy Food Basket

Another good complement to the cookbook is a food basket. As the name says, this contains an assortment of food items for them. Fruit and vegetable baskets are the most common type you will encounter. But you can create a custom one that suits the occasion. 

For instance, you can create a gift basket centered around a healthy heart. It can contain foods like lean meats, legumes, and tofu. Additionally, you can throw in vitamin supplements essential for heart health. If you don’t have the time to prepare a gift basket yourself, you can avail of gift basket services. These offer a wide selection of prebuilt baskets depending on what you want. They can even come up with a custom one for your loved ones. 

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Gifts To Promote Physical Health

Another category of gifts you would want to get for your older loved ones is those promoting physical health. After all, they can also greatly benefit by staying physically fit. Thus, the gifts you give in this category are things that would encourage them to do so. 

Resistance Bands 

We start our list with something that might seem simple enough: resistance bands. These are great because they will let your loved ones exercise even while they are sitting. Give them several with different resistances to help them adapt their workout. 

A Pedal Exerciser

Another portable fitness equipment you can get for your older loved ones is a pedal exerciser. These are lightweight and can be readily plopped in the living room or any other spot. What’s great is that it isn’t just for the legs. By propping it on a table and pedaling with their hands, your loved ones can also get a good arm workout. 

A Gym Subscription

This one might seem odd, but you can, in fact, send a gym subscription as a present for your senior relatives. Of course, these aren’t just your usual subscriptions. Instead, these are programs specially designed for seniors. Most popular gyms like YMCA and Planet Fitness offer extensive programs for older people. 

When getting a gym subscription, you should go for one close to your loved one’s home. That will make it easier for them to head out to the place. Additionally, you would want a subscription tailored to their health needs. 

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Gifts That Boost Mental Health

Aside from the physical, you would also want to take care of your mental health. This next set of gifts is all about that. They range from simple stress relievers to ones that will stimulate your loved one’s cognitive functions. 

Puzzles And Games

One fun way to help seniors keep their minds stimulated is by solving puzzles. The classic crossword puzzle book is still a popular choice for this one. But you can also go for more advanced puzzles they might like. 

You can also go with traditional playing cards. Choose ones that have large prints on their faces for easier use. Alternatively, you can give your loved ones digital puzzles they can play on mobile phones and smart devices. 

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A Gardening Box

Tending to plants is one of those activities that have been well-proven to soothe the minds of older people. But if you want to get them into it, you should make the whole work easier. For that, you want to get a raised gardening box. This one puts the box at waist height, so seniors don’t have to bend over. 

While you are at it, throw in some easy-to-grow plant seeds. Vegetables are a good choice, as your loved ones can harvest them for their own use. Alternatively, you can go with flowers and ornamental plants. 

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A Weighted Blanket

A good night’s rest is always essential to maintain mental health. And one nifty item to help your elderly relatives get is the simple weighted blanket. These have been scientifically proven to soothe and calm the user. As such, they are well-suited for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

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Gifts That Promote General Health

This last set of gifts is all about helping your elderly loved ones maintain their general well-being. These gifts will make it easier for them to maintain their health routines and respond to medical concerns. 

A Medical Alert System

These compact devices are worn on the wrist. They monitor vital signs like pulse, heart rate, and oxygen levels. They will then send alerts if they detect changes. When getting one of these, you want a model with a smartphone app that can connect remote caregivers. 

Home Health Care in California Managing Cognitive Decline

A Home Health Care Service

Perhaps the best general health-related gift you can send over to your elderly loved one is being under the care of home health care providers. Such services ensure that your loved one’s health is taken care of in the comfort of their home. They will also handle health concerns. 

Amavi is one such gift that continues giving. When you sign up with us, you can access highly trained caregivers and advanced facilities. With that, your loved ones will surely have a healthy holiday season. Contact us today for the best home health care present you can get. 

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