Volunteering: How It Can Help Seniors Improve Their Lifestyle

To stay healthy even in their old age, seniors should be active. But while exercise and doing recreational activities are the most common ways, there are more options that you can explore. One that providers of home health care often recommend is volunteering. Let’s take a dive and explore. 

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Understanding How Volunteering Works

As the name implies, volunteering is all about doing community duty for an organization. That volunteering can range from simple in-office work to fieldwork where you head out to different communities. There is also more remote volunteer work, where the participant only has to work in front of a computer.

While volunteerism is usually associated with younger participants, In a study by The Urban Institute, 6 out of 10 adults aged 55 and older have participated in at least some form of volunteer work. Note that the figures vary between those signing up for formal volunteer work versus those joining informal ones. Nevertheless, the numbers have shown a promising increase in the last few years. 

The Benefits Volunteering Brings

With that in mind, you might wonder why a senior might want to sign up for volunteer work. After all, this period of their lives is supposed to be for retirement. But as it turns out, volunteering has some great benefits for them. 

Giving a Stronger Sense Of Purpose

As their bodies start to weaken, seniors might also feel useless. They can’t do the things that they once enjoyed anymore. That can often lead to a feeling of uselessness. Volunteering helps them rediscover their purpose in life. With that, they become more excited about performing activities once again. 

It Is Great For Mental Health

While volunteering is a good form of physical exercise, it also has a positive effect on an older person’s mental health. It helps you keep your brain active as you try to be more productive during your tenure. On the other hand, you can focus on more positive things instead of stressing over negative ones. 

It Allows You To Socialize

As it is, socialization is essential in a senior’s healthy living. And volunteering gives you plenty of opportunities for it. And it isn’t just mingling with people of the same age. You also get the chance to interact with younger participants. That will help you a lot in feeling rejuvenated. 

It Offers A Great Learning Experience

Who says that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Volunteering lets you explore new avenues of learning and try out activities you have not done before. On the other hand, it can also be a good way for you to rediscover old interests. 

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How Seniors Can Get Started Being Volunteers

With all of the above benefits, you or your older loved one will be encouraged to volunteer. But since it would be an involved task, you should be prepared. This way, you can have a more fulfilling experience. 

The Types Of Volunteer Work You Can Do

The first thing you might want to consider is what type of volunteer work you should do. While various options are available, you should consider how well you can perform the task given your age. With that, here are a few common types that you can choose. 

Joining A Charity Organization

This is arguably the option most commonly associated with the word volunteer. There are numerous organizations for different causes, like: 

  • Habitat For Humanity: It engages in homebuilding for the needy and restoration projects. They accept seniors who might or might not have construction experience. 
  • The Alzheimer’s Association: This organization has numerous chapters across the nation. It allows you to help out fellow seniors who might be suffering from the condition.
  • Feeding America: You can sign up with a local food bank to help preparing the meals to be distributed to those in need. 

As mentioned, many of these organizations have local chapters across the country. You can simply walk into one and sign up for work. There are even organizations that specifically reach out to seniors who want to volunteer. 

Community Youth Centers

Another option for seniors who want to volunteer is their local youth centers. Here, you can sign up as a tutor to help kids in the center with their studies. Additionally, you can share your knowledge and talents with those interested. 

Foster Grandparents Programs

As many already know, seniors can be doting on their grandkids. But if you don’t have grandkids, you can join a foster grandparent program at your local orphanage. Here, you can be an onsite foster grandparent, mingling with the kids in the orphanage. Or you can be an at-home grandparent, where the kids stay with you for a few days. 

Local Schools

If you are a former teacher or someone with advanced education, local schools are a great place to volunteer in. Aside from being a tutor, you can also be involved in other school programs like being a varsity team trainer. On the other hand, you can also help out by doing various clerical work for school events. 

Online Mentorship Programs

If you feel like you aren’t up for laborious fieldwork anymore, you can instead sign up for various online volunteer programs. One of the most popular options here is being a virtual teacher for students from different countries. You can also be part of the organization’s virtual staff. 

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A Few Reminders About Volunteering For Seniors

Even if you are under home health care, you can still volunteer. Providers like Amavi even help organize such programs as part of the health strategies they offer. Nevertheless, you would want to still be prepared for your first volunteer outing. 

Ensuring Your Safety

Organizations are well aware that senior volunteers might have health concerns. Thus, they often provide a comprehensive medical support system for you. To make the organization’s work easier, you should always disclose any particular medical condition you might have. Depending on these conditions, the organization will determine the tasks best suited for you. 

You would also want to ensure that you are well prepared during the day of the volunteer event. Wear proper clothing so you will feel more comfortable during the tedious work. You would also want to ensure that you have all the proper medication for the day. 

Depending on the situation, you might also want to have a companion during these activities. Amavi can provide that for you through our senior care program. Our caregivers will help you easily navigate the event and even conduct your assigned tasks. 

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Get Ready To Volunteer With The Best Home Health Care Provider

Being a volunteer even at your age is going to be a worthwhile experience. As such, you don’t want to miss the opportunity. With the best home health care provider Amavi, you are ready to lend a helping hand to others.

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