Physical Health While Aging

As we age, our bodies start to weaken, which leads us to become less active. That can bring your body into a downward spiral, as fewer activities will make it even weaker. Thus, providers of home health care in California encourage you to pursue better physical health in your senior years.

 But how do you do that during your advanced age? Let’s look at the ways you can improve your physical health while you age. 

Home Health in California Physical Health While Aging

The Importance Of Physical Activity During Aging

It might seem obvious but being physically active during your senior years brings plenty of benefits. Foremost of this is that it helps strengthen your body in various ways. They include: 

Preventing bone loss: Older people can lose as much as 2% of their bone mass each year. Doing physical activity can help counteract this loss, keeping your bones strong. 

  • Relieves arthritis pain: Arthritis is a significant health issue for older adults. Exercise will help reduce the stiffness of your joints and the associated pain. 
  • Improves balance: Falls are a common danger for the elderly. Regular physical activity helps improve your balance, preventing these accidents. 
  • Improves endurance: Continued physical activity can help boost your endurance, allowing you to perform more activities you want 

With a strong body, you can enjoy more of the activities you used to do when you were younger. Additionally, you get the chance to try more new things you haven’t done before. 

Protecting Yourself From Disease

Being in good physical condition, even during your senior years, helps prevent various chronic conditions. In particular, it promotes better cardiovascular health that prevents or delays a wide variety of illnesses. It also boosts your immunity, further protecting you from different diseases. 

Good physical health also improves your gastrointestinal functions. That is vital, as it helps in the more effective absorption of nutrients into your body and waste removal. It also lessens conditions like constipation. 

Improving Mental Wellbeing

People often say that the mind and the body are intricately connected. Thus, improving your physical health can do wonders for your mental health. It can help enhance your cognitive functions. This is important at your age because it can offset the decline you usually experience. 

Good physical health also enhances your overall mood. and fights off conditions like depression. That will help you get a more positive outlook in your daily life and boost your wellbeing. 

Home Health Care in California Physical Health While Aging


Building your Physical Health While Aging

There are many different ways to improve your physical health during your senior years. To get the most out of these, don’t just go with one option. Instead, combine them into a comprehensive health regimen.

Engaging In Physical Activity

The first thing that can build your physical health is getting up and moving around. Exercise is arguably the first thing that you would think of here. But you might wonder how much physical activity you should be doing at your age. 

For this, experts recommend that seniors like you should do at least 30 minutes of medium-intensity exercises each day. You don’t have to do that 30 minutes in one go. Break it into three 10-minute periods that you can perform throughout the day. 

It is also essential that you do a variety of exercise types to cover all your needs, namely: 

  • General fitness: This can be something like cycling, walking, or dancing that will keep your heart and lungs healthy. 
  • Strength training: You can lift small weights or go around climbing stairs to improve muscle tone and maintain bone density. 
  • Balance exercises: Simple balance exercises like standing on foot are a great way to help you keep your body stable. 
  • Flexibility training: You can try exploring workouts like tai chi and yoga that can improve your flexibility without overstretching your muscles. 

There are many workout programs specifically for older adults like you that cover all of these areas. And if you are under home health care in California, the providers can also assign a physical therapist to guide you in doing these workouts. 

You can also explore group exercise sessions. These can encourage you to stick to the workouts since you do them with companions. This is also a great way to socialize and improve your mood. 

Eating Healthily

Proper nutrition also plays a significant role in promoting your physical health. As such, you should be aware of the kinds of food you eat. Focus on more nutrient-rich food items like fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish. 

Watch out for your caloric intake as well. As you age, your calorie needs lessen. Tu, eating high-calorie foods such as those rich in carbohydrates would not be suitable for you. Instead, this can lead to weight gain, which creates a host of other problems. 

Aside from carefully monitoring your food intake, keep yourself well-hydrated. Proper hydration ensures that many of your body’s internal processes are regulated. These include balancing your electrolyte levels, maintaining digestion, and regulating kidney functions.  Doctors typically recommend that you take at least eight glasses of water daily for this. 

Building Healthy Habits

Promoting good physical health should begin well before you enter your senior years. As such, you should establish good health habits during your younger years. These include quitting smoking and other unhealthy lifestyle practices as soon as possible. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t change any bad habit you might have carried over into your senior years. Frequent introspection can help you identify these habits that you might have overlooked. You can then look for ways to start growing out of these habits. A behavioral specialist can help you better grow out of these. 

Having A More Positive Attitude Towards Aging

Your outlook on aging also influences your physical health at this point in your life. When you view it in a more positive light, you tend to be more relaxed with the idea of aging. This lowers your stress levels and improves your well-being. 

Of course, the challenge lies in how to maintain that positive attitude. This is where strengthening relationships with your family and friends will help. Connect with them during your free time so that you can exchange stories. There are many ways you can do that even without physically being present, such as through social media. 

Additionally, you can get to meet other seniors. Providers of home health care in California like Amavi also often run community programs for you to connect with them. These programs can also help you participate in other meaningful activities that will encourage a positive outlook. 

Home Health Service in California Physical Health While Aging


Age Well With The Help Of The Best Home Health Care In California

Being in good physical health will be one of your secrets in making your senior years more fulfilling. And we at Amavi are ready to make that happen for you. Contact us today and get the best home health care in California to help you in this endeavor. 

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