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Staying at home is the new normal all over the world and it’s no different in California. Companies are operating from their respective homes, consultations for doctors can be done over the phone, and schools are now being done at home as well. As such, home health care in California is the best option. Let’s explore the pros and cons of home health care

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Common Question About Home Health Services

Cost Efficiency

California is known to be a luxurious place to live in. But that doesn’t mean spending money on things that can’t be avoided. Saving a dime avoiding trips to the hospital is one advantage. Not having to sign up for a nursing home is also a plus. Since there are no room fees, it saves a lot compared to rehabilitation centers or other institutional care settings.

High and Personalized Quality Care

Since it is in the luxury of the patient’s home, the type of care he receives is high quality and customized to cater his every need. May it be assistance in eating, bathing, or even cooking, everything will be covered because unlike hospitals and nursing homes, the aide will solely focus on the patient’s needs. 

And it is grounded on evidence-based standards and practices. The one-on-one attention makes the treatment more effective and it can also build trust between the patient and the caregiver. With trust, the patient will likely to heal more and enjoy the process of being taken care off. 


Adults may not admit about the struggles they are facing but in reality, they are having a hard time. Despite the struggles, they don’t like feeling dependent or rather, they don’t like to lose their independence. 

With home health care, they can still do their normal day to day activities while being closely monitored. This way, they still feel independent with just a little bit of help every now and then. The patient wouldn’t have to adjust to living in a different setting because nothing much will change other than the fact that an aide will be living with them.

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Wide Range of Services from Professionals

A home health care team is composed of professional individuals that was carefully screened and trained in order to give the best service possible for the patient. With these, patients can see professionals without having to go out of their houses. This saves them more time and energy.

And since the team was trained efficiently, it is already expected that their services include comprehensive clinical care. From nursing, therapy, even wound care and medication management, patients are assured to get the best home health care as possible.

Family Caregiver Reinforcement

The pros and cons of home health care are not just for the patient but also for their family to consider. Home health aides help the patient with eating, bathing, and other daily tasks. This relieves the burden from their family members. 

Aside from that, the aide can also educate the family members about how to provide follow-up care and still connect with the patient on a day to day basis. This reinforces the bonds between the patient and the family. It also protects the family’s peace of mind and prevents caregiver burnout.

Safety and Convenience for All

Since the patient stays at home, the chances of exposure to viruses that can worsen his situation is slimmer. Patients also have 24/7 access to professionals they can call when they are having troublesome symptoms. It will be easier for them to call for them rather than call an ambulance to go to the nearest hospital. 

Aside from that, the patient will be monitored in taking their medications, avoiding harmful drug interactions caused by accidentally taking the wrong medication. This makes it convenient for the family, the patient, and for the aide. It will be less likely to go on a trip to the hospital and the patient has more confidence in the safety of their home.

Easier Visiting Hours

It is a known fact that visiting patients at the hospital has limited hours. One of the benefits of home health care is that relatives and friends can visit patients anytime while they recover at home. It gives breathing space for them to catch up and be comfortable without the risk of getting exposed to other patients in the hospital. 


In addition to receiving visits from their family and friends, the trust patients have with their aide will also give them a sense of belonging. This gives them more social interaction while recovering. The interaction reduces the loneliness that can be brought when spending time at the hospital. 

As one of the basic needs of a human is to interact with other people, having someone they can talk to whenever they need is an advantage. Since home health care focuses on having an aide 24/7, it is hitting two birds with one stone because the aide will be there to tend to the patient’s medical and social needs.

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Reduced Hospital Stays

With home health care focusing to meet each individual’s needs, it lessens the stay in a hospital by being in a private space with only the patient as the focus. Instead of staying at the hospital to recover, they are free to go home and recover at their own pace. 

This is also a way to reduce re-hospitalization because being comfortable with the surroundings makes it easier for the patient to heal and recover from the illness or injury they have suffered.

To top it all, home health care is beneficial for everyone including the patient himself. Living at home, safe from the pandemic, and comfortable with their families is still the best way to recover. Home Health in California is now going through a transition that will be a step closer to providing the best care. And when you weigh the pros and cons of home health care, you will find that the former far outweighs the latter. 

Home Care Vs Home Health Care

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