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Undergoing surgery can be a hard experience for both the patients. They have to endure hours through the procedure. But it doesn’t end there. Once they get discharged from the hospital, they go through the road to full recovery. Providers of home health care in California offer some advice on home care after surgery. 

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Why Opt For Home Care After Surgery

So, you might wonder whether a home recovery would be better than a prolonged hospital or nursing facility stay. Here are some benefits the latter can provide you should you opt for it. 

Greater Savings

The surgery already significantly impacts patients and their family in the financial department. Recovering in a hospital or nursing facility will put more on their medical bills. While there will be costs, these would be considerably lower when you decide to stay at home to recover. 

It Can Be Safer

This might seem odd, as hospitals are considered to be clean environments. But with all the other patients present, you or your loved ones might be at a greater risk of infection. Staying at home can lessen those risks since you can better control the people interacting with a patient. 

Better Sleep

A good rest is always vital for a fast recovery. But getting that in a hospital setting can be difficult. The sense of unfamiliarity makes it hard to relax and doze off. Staying at home can help you get a more consistent sleep period. 

Faster Way To Get Back To Your Daily Routine. 

Another critical part of the recovery is you being able to return to your pre-surgery routines. However, this can be harder to do in a hospital setting. The limited space means that you can’t do a lot. At home, you get more freedom. The familiar surroundings also help uplift your spirits and encourage you to get back on track faster. 

You Are Closer To Family And Friends

In the hospital, you might feel isolated at times. At home, you are closer to family and friends. They can visit you anytime you feel the need for company. Research shows that such company can help you recover faster. 

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Home Care Vs Home Health Care

Preparing For Home Recovery

Of course, choosing to recover at home is not without its challenges. For one, there will be a considerable amount of adjustments for you and the other occupants. Thus, you want to plan out everything before you even get discharged. 

Here, you will need to account for how long your expected recovery time will be. Recovery from minor surgeries can usually take anywhere from a few days to less than a month. Meanwhile, major surgeries might require you to rest for at least a month. 

The length of time determines the amount of planning that you will need. For the former, it can be as little as deciding what room you will stay in. But for the latter, it can require a significant change in the daily activities of everyone in the house. 

Making Your Home More Conducive For Recovery

As it is, your home might not yet be ready for your recovery period. It would be a good idea to prepare it in advance, well before your actual operation date. Some of the things that you want to do include: 

  • Clean up: Before even leaving for the hospital, you would want to clean the house. Remove all the clutter that might make it harder for you or your loved ones to move around. 
  • Rearrange things: Consider what you might need after the operation and make these more accessible. You can also rearrange furniture for easier access. 
  • Provide space: Depending on your circumstances, you might need to undergo therapy at home. Make it easier for everyone, designate a space where these would be done in. 
  • Add the essentials: To make it easier for you to do things, consider adding handrails and other amenities. 

Making these preparations can require a lot of work. Thus, you might want to ask for assistance from friends and family. When you sign up with Amavi, we will also help the preparations. Our custodial staff will do the work while you undergo the operation. 

Hospice Care Services Article

Getting The Home Health Care That You Need

In most cases, a family member or friend can be the one to take care of you as you recover. But when that is not possible, you can opt for a home health care provider like Amavi. Here, our services fall under two different categories. 

Nursing Care

These are the more common nursing tasks aimed at helping you recover. Some of the tasks we can handle include: 

  • Changing wound dressings and draining fluids
  • Administering medications
  • Observing and recording your recovery progress
  • Communicating with your doctor about the progress

For this, we will assign a qualified caregiver or registered nurse to you. The care personnel will visit daily to do their duties. 

Assistive Care

This care program is intended primarily to help you do day-to-day activities. The tasks include the following. 

  • Assisting with therapy and exercise
  • Preparing your meals
  • Bathing, dressing, and grooming
  • Light housekeeping
  • Doing errands
  • Accompanying you to doctor appointments
  • Respite for family caregivers

For this one, skilled caregivers handle the work. The actual set of services we provide will depend both on your needs and specific requests. As you go through your recovery program, we can customize the service to meet your changing needs. 

Know The Different Types of Elderly Care Services

Improving Your Recovery Rate

Everyone wants to get back to their routines quickly after surgery. But to be fully ready, you need to take your time. Here, Amavi can help you monitor your progress. Additionally, we will keep track of your diet to ensure that you are eating right. 

Beyond the physical, we also understand that mental wellness is crucial for a speedy recovery. For that, we can provide counseling to help you refocus your thoughts. That mental preparation will be vital in facing the work you have post-recovery. 

Understanding Hospice Care


Get The Best Home Health Care In California After Surgery

As you get ready to go under the knife, you will understandably be worried about what comes next. But do not fret. The best home health care in California is here to support you. Sign up today and we will lend a hand as you recover right in the comforts of your home. 

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