Guide To Staying Healthy

While many might see aging as you getting weaker as the years go by, that should not be the case. Providers of home health care in California encourage seniors to have a more positive outlook. And that involves making sure that they stay healthy. Here’s a nifty set of healthy lifestyle tips  to help you out. 

Home Health in California Guide to Staying Healthy

Healthy Lifestyle Tip 1: Changing Your Mindset About Aging

Arguably the first thing you need to do to stay healthy during your senior years is to change your attitude about it. Often, people think that hitting their sixties is already the end for them. They think they can’t enjoy life as much as they used to. 

How society responds to old age also impacts that view of it. According to the World Health Organization’s World Values Survey, 60% of respondents feel that older people are not respected. Because of this, seniors themselves become more apprehensive about their age. 

That negative view on aging does have a physical effect on their well-being. A study done by Yale University’s Department Of Epidemiology And Public Health showed that people who have a more positive view of aging lived up to 7.5 years longer. The study attributes this to a lower risk of depression and social isolation. Both are known as silent killers.

Physical Health While Aging

How To Be More Positive About Aging

Of course, the question now is how do you achieve that more positive outlook on aging? As it turns out, there are many ways to achieve that. And these can help you motivate yourself more to stay healthy as you age. 

Look Forward To Aging

Your first step in getting a more positive attitude towards aging is actually looking forward to it. Think about it this way. While you might not be able to do some of the things you used to, it also opens new opportunities for you. 

At this point in yo9ur life, you are already preparing for retirement. That means that you have plenty more time in your hands. So think about what you would want to do with that extra time. Maybe you can finally start learning that new skill you have always wanted to know. Or you could explore new places. 

Find Positive Insights About Aging

Remember what we said about society looking negatively on aging? You will be bombarded by that idea almost every day. As such, you would want to look for something that would counteract this. Luckily, a growing number of organizations are promoting more positive views on aging. Joining these can help you better see what fun things await you in your senior years. 

Another way you can get more positive insights about aging is by making a gratitude journal. This is a diary where you write down all of the positive things that happen to you daily. You can make it in any way that you want, as long as you can commit to writing on it. Reading the entries can help you relieve stress and feel more lighthearted. 

Do Purposeful Activities

Another common challenge for seniors is finding meaning in their lives. They would often ask themselves what use they are to others now that they are old. Instead of wallowing on that thought, you should actively find purpose. 

Here, remember that you have already lived quite an eventful life. And that means you have experienced a lot throughout those years. This is the time for you to share what you have learned with the younger generation. 

For that, you can volunteer for various community-based organizations. They have a variety of activities in line, ranging from lecture sessions to outreach programs. And they will welcome your expertise. 

You could also go ahead and do your initiative. For instance, you could gather the kids in the neighborhood and give them free lessons. This gives you more control over how you would want your life to be. That can boost your self-esteem greatly, improving your health.

Home Health Care in California Guide to Staying Healthy

Healthy Lifestyle Tip 2: Keeping Your Body Healthy During Aging

Having a positive outlook towards your senior years should be a strong motivation to stay healthy. And as we have talked about several times previously, there are many ways for you to keep your body fit even during your senior years. 

One of these is having a regular exercise routine. Note that this doesn’t have to be an intensive one. Even low-impact exercises that you can do in between chores will give you that much-needed physical activity. Additionally, doing all the activities you want to try out is already a great form of exercise. 

Besides exercise, you would also want to maintain a proper diet. Stay away from foods high in cholesterol, sugar, and unwanted fats. These can lead to illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart ailments. 

Instead, you would want to stock up on healthy foods. In particular, get plenty of so-called superfoods like: 

  • Berries
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Seafood
  • Beans and legumes

These foods contain a large number of important biochemicals like antioxidants. These can help your body fight off diseases that are associated with aging. If you are under home health care in California, the provider can help you plan your meals better. 

How To Age Well

Train Your Brain

Staying healthy during your senior years isn’t just about your body. You also need to train your brain to stay alert. Note that all the positive mind setting exercises that you did above already contribute to that. But as part of the healthy lifestyle tips you should follow, you need to go through more brain training. 

Playing various mind games is another great way to keep your brain going. Memory games are very suitable for people your age, especially for those who might already be having some memory issues. Puzzles are also good for improving your cognitive skills. 

As mentioned earlier, you can also take this as an opportunity to learn new skills. Again, these are great for keeping your mental faculties sharp. Some people even go as far as taking college courses for this very purpose. 


You might not realize this, but socialization also plays a role in your effort to stay healthy at an older age. Interacting with others helps lessen the loneliness you feel during your later years. 

And the great thing is that there are a lot more ways for seniors like you to socialize than ever before. Even during this time of the pandemic, where you can’t easily go out, there are various ways to still stay connected with others. For instance, social media can help you connect with friends and relatives that you have not connected with. It is also handy for finding interest groups where you can meet other seniors. 

Home Health Service in California Guide to Staying Healthy

Age Healthily With The Best Home Health Care In California

Hitting your senior years is a milestone that you should be proud of. And by following these healthy lifestyle tips, you can enjoy more of this momentous stage in your life. We at Amavi are ready to give you the best home health care in California so that you can do more.


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