Dance As Therapy For Seniors

Engaging in continuous physical activities is beneficial for a senior’s overall health. However, some older people might not be up for more strenuous physical activities like sports or traveling. Home health care provider Amavi offers a fun alternative for them: dancing. Let’s look at how seniors can get into the groove while staying healthy. 

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Why Seniors Should Dance

As is with any form of physical exercise, dancing offers many benefits for the elderly. Some of these benefits are even more prominent here than in other forms of physical therapy. That makes it a good option for older people who have special needs. 

It Improves Strength, Flexibility, And Agility

As we age, we become less physically adept at doing things. That is often due to bones and muscles getting weaker. Dancing can help you combat that by improving your body’s flexibility, strength, and agility. 

What’s great about this is that dancing is also low impact compared to other forms of physical exercise. That means it would not put too much pressure on your bones and joints. This element is vital, as it can lessen injuries. 


It Improves Your Coordination

Body coordination is another concern that many older people have. They might often have difficulty balancing their body as they move around. That can lead to falls and other injuries that can aggravate their condition. 

Dancing is an effective way to counteract such problems. By practicing the various moves and steps, you can focus more on your body. That allows you to find new ways to move around without losing your balance. You also improve your reflexes.

Strengthening Your Heart

Dancing is a great aerobic exercise, which contributes to better heart health. According to studies, dancing can lower the risk of dying from heart disease by up to 46%. It does that in several ways. 

First off, dancing strengthens your heart muscles and blood vessels. Additionally, it improves your blood circulation, which is essential for combating diseases like hypertension. Lastly, it helps you reduce your weight, something also vital for overall heart health. 


It Improves Your Mental Health

With all its intricate moves, dancing is good for an older person’s mental health. For starters, learning those moves helps improve their memory. It also promotes quick thinking, as you go through all the music. According to research, even 1 to 2 hours of dancing every week can help improve your cognitive skills. 

But that’s not where it ends. Dancing is also great for relieving stress, helping you take your mind off things. The rhythmic movements also serve as an effective way to soothe your mind and spirit. As such, it serves as a good therapy for older people who experience depression or other concerns. 


It Is Great For Socialization

Seniors might often feel left alone as their loved ones focus on other things. That can often lead to the abovementioned bouts of depression. Dancing is a great way for them to interact with other people of their age group and make new friends. Interestingly, dancing also helps build their confidence to make these social interactions work in the first place. 

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The Types Of Dances Best Suited For Seniors

What is great about dancing for fitness is that seniors don’t need to be even good at it to get started. All they need is the willingness to participate. From there, they can gradually learn the moves and join in the fun. 

Furthermore, there are many types of dancers they can choose from. Here are a few that would best suit an older adult like you or your loved ones.

Solo Dances

While you often picture dancing as being done with a partner, seniors can start with solo dancing. It is a good option if they are not yet ready to mingle with others. Additionally, it can help them get acclimated to the movements at their own pace. 

There are various styles within this category that they can get into, including:

  • Contemporary dance
  • Oriental dance
  • Modern jazz
  • Flamenco
  • Indian dance
  • Tap dance

Here, you can start with slower styles like oriental dance. As you become more confident, you can move to the flashier styles. 

Couple Dances

As mentioned above, this category of dances is probably the most familiar for seniors. Ballroom dancing is the most popular of the various styles here. Seniors also love the dances popular during their younger days, like tango, waltz, and quickstep. Such dances offer a lot of nostalgia for those who grew up with them. 

Group Dancing

Some dancing schools also offer various group dances. This category ranges from simple mass dancing to styles where the participants interact with each other. That makes them the most well-suited for socialization. 

Some examples you can get into are Latin dances like samba and rumba. Line dancing is also a popular one, especially for those living in rural areas. These dances often have complex and fast movements that will surely give your older loved ones the workout they want. 

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Some Preparations For Getting Into The Groove

While we said that dancing is one activity that seniors can get into without many requirements, there are still a few things you should consider. The first thing you want to be sure of is that you are suited for the activity. 

Visit your physician to undergo a physical. From there, they can determine your overall health and what dance types would apply to you. Your physician will also give you some precautions based on your conditions. 

Signing Up For Class 

Before you enroll in a dance class, you should check whether the instructors are trained to teach older people like you. Remember that there are special considerations for older people like yourself. For instance, the instructor should be knowledgeable about first aid and safety for senior participants. 

You would also want to look into the different levels of dances the class offers. That makes it easier for you to determine where to begin. Good dance classes also offer a large selection of styles so you can see which ones you would like the most. 

Getting Ready To Dance

When attending dance classes, seniors should dress accordingly. Wear loose shirts and comfortable shoes so that you can move around easier. Additionally, you should be ready with plenty of water and any medication you will need before the start of classes. 

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Dancing To The Groove Through Home Health Care

Amavi knows well the benefits of dance for elderly people like you. As part of our home health care service, we can help you look and sign up for these classes. Our caregivers will also be by your side to ensure you can fully enjoy the experience. Sign up with us today and let’s get you grooving to the beat. 


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