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Caring for elderly relatives is always a challenge. But this becomes more so when you are dealing with your parents. There can be plenty of things that can become more difficult when they are involved. As such, providers of home health care in California offer some advice on how you can create a place for Mom and Dad that they will love. 

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The Challenges Of Caring For Elderly Parents

As we have said, caring for your elderly parents is altogether different from caring for other seniors. That has to do with the stronger familial affinity. While that helps you better connect with them, it can also lead to friction between you and them. 

Resistance To Help

The first challenge you have to deal with is your elderly parent’s resistance to help and care. All elderly patients have a phase of resisting caregiving. However, seniors can be particularly adverse to the idea of their children being the ones doing it. 

Often, they argue that they were the ones who took care of you when you were young. As such, they feel that they are still more capable than you are at doing things. Because of that mindset, they will often try to shun even the smallest offer of help.


At the other end of the spectrum, parents can rely too heavily on their children for care. Here, they may also use the same argument as the above. But rather than asserting independence, they may insist that caring for them is your way of repaying their sacrifices. 

While this is somewhat normal for the most part, your parents may become overbearing at some point. They might demand more of your time. Some parents can also become controlling. All of these could disrupt your lifestyle significantly. 

Conflict Between Family Members

Caring for an elderly parent can also create conflict amongst family members. The one tasked with the job might resent having to shoulder the burden. They can target this resentment towards siblings or relatives who have freer times. 

On the other hand, your siblings might bear down on you. They would understandably want to ensure that your parents are taken care of accordingly. But they can also become more controlling just because of that. That can result in blaming each other if anything happens to your parents. 

Stress And Depression

All that pressure can put a lot of physical and emotional stress on you. Both of these can take a lot of toll on you. You are more likely to be hospitalized when caring for your parents or other relatives. In turn, this can hinder your ability to perform the caregiver role.

Beyond the physical, the emotional impact of that stress can lead to many issues. In particular, it can lead to a strained relationship between you and your parents. Such can end up adversely affecting whatever medical conditions they might already have. 

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Building A Stronger Relationship With Your Elderly Parents

While you might suddenly find yourself having to take care of your elderly parents, you shouldn’t go about it haphazardly. Even if this is family we are talking about, you need to approach the duty right. One of the things that you need to do is reestablish rapport with your parents. 

Both of you need to come to terms with the different dynamics. Here, you are now the one to care for your mom and dad. That change in position can feel awkward for them, but you need to be patient. Once they fully grasp the situation, they become more relaxed in handling it. 

Showing Your Parents That You Are On Their Side

Often, elderly parents going through these changes can feel like they are alone. As their caregiver, you need to help them realize it is not the case. Tell them you are always ready to accept their decisions and support them. 

However, you should also be clear about the boundaries. For instance, you need to state the rules for certain activities. But you should be clear to your parents that you are not preventing them from doing things. Instead, you are just looking out for their safety. 

Don’t Expect Your Parents To Still Be The Same

As you already know, aging brings a lot of changes for people. For instance, your parents might undergo a significant shift in personality. Thus, you should be ready to accept that they are not the same anymore. 

In particular, you need to let go of certain expectations. For instance, you need to understand that your parents are not as capable as before. Thus, they will understandably need assistance even for certain simple things. This letting go helps you better see where your role as a caregiver fits into their life. 

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Making Your Home More Accommodating To Your Parents

For the most part, caring for your elderly parents would be done at home. After all, this is the most familiar environment for them. But make it more accommodating to them. Note that it will depend on their condition. 

Giving Them Enough Space

One important thing you want to provide your parents is enough room to move around. They would often still want to move around a lot. Make sure that you clear any obstacle that can hamper their movements. 

Additionally, make things accessible to your parents. For instance, you should have the various kitchen utensils within their reach. You can also provide them with various support tools to help them do things. 

Encouraging Your Parents To Explore

While you are aware of the limitations of your aging parents, caregiving should also be about helping them find new things to explore. Even if they can’t leave the house, you can instead bring these new activities to them. Join them in doing these activities to help them feel more motivated. 

Additionally, you would want to encourage them to socialize more. This starts with staying in touch with the family. Organize video call sessions so they can talk with their other children who are not living with them. You can also invite some of their friends over for leisure time. 

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Getting The Help Of The Best Home Health Care In California

We at Amavi understand that caring for elderly parents is a tedious task. We are ready to provide you with all the support you need. Our respite care is a great option if you need to take a break from the task. 

And if you need full home health care, we are also ready to give it to you. Our team of caregivers are experts in meeting the needs of the elderly. Contact us today and get the best home health care in California for Mom and Dad.

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